Here's a simple plan to make picnic table of your own.

    All the hardware we bought to make ours was #12-3" wood screws.< A one foot length of 3/4" dia wood dowel. Four 2 x 10 boards 8ft Long. Four 2 x 6 boards 8 ft Long. Four 2 x 4 boards 8ft Long. One gallon of Forest Green Paint ( I Like Green). Wood workers glue.

        We pre-cut all the piece before beginning and painted them so getting into those tight spots later wouldn't be a problem after assembly. Three kids and one adult painting required a little strategy (like keeping them away from one another), but all the parts had that first coat of paint before the first screw was in place.

        The reason for the dowels was to keep the table top even. I drilled about one inch deep on the edge of the boards, making sure the dowels were aligned so when assembling the top these would be aligned, and stay that way.
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        After the boards were dry we fitted everything together using a minimum of 8d nails (8 penny). After the table was squared up I got out my drill and pre-drilled through the top boards before driving the screws in with the screw gun.

        A second coat of paint was added after assembly so that My table can sit outdoors with out the weather rotting out the wood.  This table should last many years if you repaint it every spring.