Outdoor Stuff

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Adirondack Chair Download JAKE.ZIP to get the complete plans and photos of the most thought out and comfortable plan for this classic chair that you will ever find. Check out Jake's other files while you are there, priceless stuff!
Another BirdHouse Home & Workshop Online from Jonathan Press provided this plan for a birdhouse that you can build with your children.
Another Adirondack Chair This plan is brought to you by Black & Decker.
Another Bat House Do most people like bats?.
Birdhouse Plans These plans are brought to you by Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse.
Birdhouse Dimensions The Woodshop Notebook provided this list of dimensions for different size birdhouses for many of our common North American Birds.
Bluebird House Ken Eubanks brings you these plans for a home for our feathered friends.
More Bluebird Houses James McLochlin supplied these plans for several different styles of birdhouses.
Bird Houses These birdhouse plans are provided by Sears Craftsman.
Cross-Brace Outdoor Chair A beautiful chair brought to you by Delta Tools and Scott Phillips of The American Woodshop
Food Trolley This is the perfect cart to have near your Bar-B-Que grill. Another great plan from Sears Craftsman.
Garden Arbor A lawn project that will enhance any yard. Sears Craftsman brings this plan to us.
Garden Bench This garden bench can be built with handles and a spoked wheel for easy mobility. From the Canadian Workshop.
Another Garden Bench This bench is made to be seating on your deck. From the Home & Workshop Online Magazine .
Outdoor Wood Organizer This project will help you store your firewood. Do woodworkers ever create firewood? Another plan from Black and Decker.
Planter This plant stand is brought to you by The Stanley Tool Company.
Porch Planter Lined porch planter from the people at Popular Mechanics Magazine.